Sunday, April 7, 2013

Papermaking Instructions

When people find out that I am a Papermaker, I get one question: "How do you make paper?"  I finally got a chance to document my papermaking process. :)  I've been making paper since 1996. It all started with an article in the local newspaper. It was a short article but it really peaked my interest. A little while later I found a kit at a craft store. My first batch was really awful! Hee Hee. But I was hooked!

Below is my process.

First, shred your paper. I love to shred different shades of the same color. This makes the paper more interesting!

Soak your shredded paper. I soak heavier papers longer. Card stock, for instance, needs to soak longer than regular scrapbook paper.

Next, blend those shreds! The longer you blend, the shorter your paper fibers will be, this makes the paper smoother. 

After blending, scoop some of the blended pulp into a tub with water and mix it up. Then you dip your deckle and mould and pull it out of the water. Your pulp will end up on the screen. Like this.

Finally, you'll flip it onto a drying sheet  and press with a sponge. 

Pull up the screen and let your sheet dry.

You end up with colorful sheets of beautiful handmade papers!

If you give it a try, have fun! It can get a little messy so be sure to have a towel handy. Also, be sure that any utensils you use (blender, scooper, etc.) are used for the papermaking process only. Don't use them for food. Also, most instructions tell you to pour your left over pulp down the drain or toilet. I don't do this. When the pulp dries it is very hard and can cause blockages in your sewer lines. I have a flower pot full of soil and rocks in my backyard that I use for dumping my water. The pulp stays on top and the water filters down.  

I'd be happy to answer any questions! Papermaking is my passion! :)

Have a Happy Day!

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  1. great tip about not putting pulp down the drain! I've never made paper, it comes in the 'too many interests already' category!! Looks like life got in the way of blogging... shame cos it looks like it would have been brilliant!
    :-) suzi